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Price Checker
$ 50 USD

Grow the cost-plus model by providing a high-quality price checker. Includes embedding on pharmacy’s own website and listing on www.CostPlusPharmacies.com

• Allows you to set your own markup and dispensing fee

• Prices based on your own cost data

• Custom branding

• Embeddable on your own website

• Grow from network effects by listing on www.CostPlusPharmacies.com

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Cost-plus Coaching
$ 250 USD

Coaching and consulting services to enable implementation of the cost-plus model.

• Dispensing data analysis and insights

• Demographic and provider-specific opportunities

• Implementation tools (workflow, signup, marketing guidance)

• Setting up PMS to support program

• Troubleshooting support

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Turn-key Pharmacy Memberships
$ 2,995 USD

Provide a turn-key membership option that includes, at its core, a cost-plus model, thereby helping pharmacies transition to payment for services in addition to above-cost reimbursement on products.

• Membership templates for your pharmacy

• Setup with automated billing tool for your patients

• Customized digital and print marketing tools

• Best practices for in-store logistics

• Includes 2 hours of consultation following program launch

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Cost-plus Zero-to-Launch! 🚀
$ 5,995 USD

Starting a pharmacy and want it to be cost-plus? Existing owner who wants to incorporate cost-plus but not sure where to start? This package is for you! Services start at $6,000

• Research for setting markups and dispensing fees

• Everything in membership package (if wanting membership offering)

• Tons of marketing and social templates for customization

• Pre-set monthly and quarterly accountability goals

• Monthly check-in calls

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